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By Nicole Pelletiere

You may know her as the star of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels, but Rosie Pope has a lot more on her plate these days than just TV.  Besides educating new and expectant mothers, the mom of three spends her days designing for her maternity line, Rosie Pope Maternity, and spreading the word about her new book, Mommy IQ. Now, Rosie chats with us about her life as a momtrepreneur—and her advice for new moms.

You were a dancer and studied neuroscience in college. What inspired you to get into the baby business?

The one thing I’ve always known is that I wanted to be a mom and I wanted a career that allowed me to do so. I think that’s been a driving force for me and so as soon as I could figure out how to do so I made the leap. The things I did before somehow all make sense now helping me tackle everything that comes my way.

Your maternity line is beyond chic.  What’s your favorite piece and what was the inspiration behind the design?

The Onassis Dress—and I’m sure you can guess what chic mom inspired the look!
I wanted to create an evening/occasion-wear piece that would last the entire pregnancy, be super comfortable, yet completely glamorous.

Congratulations on your book!  What is your favorite piece of advice that we can find inside?

Get educated on parenting. The more you know the more you can relax and get to know your children with confidence.

You have three little ones of your own, where do you go for advice when you yourself don’t have the answers?

My husband (endlessly rational), my team of experts (amazingly qualified and experienced), and other moms (always good to hear other experiences).

What was it like sharing the experience of having your little girl, Vivienne on the season 2 finale of Pregnant in Heels?

Emotional to say the least, but something special I’ll be able to tell her about when she’s older.

What’s one aspect of childbirth that no one could prepare you for? 

The two weeks that follow! Nobody tells you how tough and emotional they can be. My advice to all my clients is to make sure you plan to do nothing in those two weeks except be with your baby. If you manage to actually great dressed that’s a bonus!

Quick! Give us 5 essentials that every mom should pack to bring to the hospital on delivery day.

Snacks (for after), a hair tie and clips, five pairs of cotton underwear you don’t mind throwing out, adult diapers (I know, but trust me), and a nail file (for the wee one, they often come out with long, sharp nails).

What is the number one pregnancy myth that drives you crazy?

You are carrying like “x” so you must be having a girl/boy. People would tell me my doc was wrong—they were so convinced!

What do you most enjoy about educating moms-to-be?

Giving them the confidence to be able to enjoy and get to know their new bundles of joy instead of worrying whether or not they’re doing the right thing.

Momtrepreneur Rosie Pope talks family, career, and her advice for new moms.

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