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Barely able to schedule a pedicure? We know the feeling. Being a Mommy it almost feels impossible to have time to yourself, let alone get to a nail salon. New Parent knows that having a little bit of time for YOU is important, which is why we’ve listed these tips for giving yourself a professional at-home pedicure!

Do It Yourself At Home Pedicure for Moms!

Remove old polish

If you are donning old, chipped polish then be sure to take it off with nail polish remover and a cotton ball.  If you are going to give yourself a manicure too, then start with the pedicure first so you don’t risk removing the polish on your hands (all that work for nothing!).

Soak your feet

Mix Epsom Salt in warm water and soak your feet in an extra large bowl for about 15 minutes (or for as long as you can!).


Remove dry skin from legs and feet with a sea salt scrub like Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Body Scrub. It works great and smells heavenly.  After you’ve finished scrubbing, let it sit for 2 minutes then rinse off.

Trim and file

Cut nails with a toenail clipper, then file them to your length of choice.  To ensure that you are not cutting them too short, run your fingers at the tip of your toes.  If each nail meets the peak of your toes, then you are moving in the right direction.


Massage your feet and legs with a lotion of your choice.  We like Aveeno’s Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion.

Take care of your cuticles

Apply a cuticle oil to your nails in order to soften them. Use a cuticle stick to push cuticles back so they are out of the way when you are ready to apply your polish.  Remember, pushing them back is the way to go.  If you would like to have them cut, we suggest going to a professional salon.

Paint with your polish of choice

As for color suggestions, we like OPI’s “Makes Men Blush” or “The Thrill of Brazil”. Begin with your first coat with nice, even strokes. Then move on to your second, followed by a clear top coat to finish it off.


Now is the time to relax while you dry.  Hopefully your little one will nap a little longer for you to squeeze in an episode of your favorite show.

Enjoy, Moms!

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