13 Easy, Everyday Ways to Get Your Body Back After Baby

By Jenna Birch

In the first year after you give birth, you don’t ever seem to have enough time, hands or help -- let alone energy to suit up for a workout. That said, most moms do want to get back in shape and tone up after baby. So, what’s a woman to do?

With a spattering of go-to moves, you can squeeze in easy, efficient exercise everyday, almost anywhere. Whether you’ve got baby on board, a 30-minute block, or a few spare minutes, there’s a technique for you.

We asked Joan Pagano, certified personal trainer and author of Strength Training Exercises for Women, and Jimmy Minardi, personal trainer and founder of Minardi Training, to give us a cheat sheet for new moms. Here’s 13 easy ways to whip yourself in shape -- in no time, even with little time to yourself.