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As part of our new series, we’ll talk with our favorite designers from who bring us the fabulously unique mom, baby, and toddler gear we love! Designer: Lori Lagasse of Kalos Candy

What do they design?
Adorable Baby Shower gifts designed to look like yummy desserts or candy.

New Parent: How did you get into design?
I grew up surrounded by fashion design, since my grandmother and mother are seamstresses.  I saw my mother create everything from wedding gowns to halloween costumes. My grandmother and my mother were the true inspirations that lead me to study Fashion Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

What motivated you to start your own Etsy store?
I had been talking about creating a small business for Children’s Wear and Decor, for a long time.  I think that I had talked about it so often that my boyfriend finally said “maybe you should try to sell online?” After some research a friend told me about Etsy.

What is your favorite item you are currently selling?
I love “The Layla”. Its just too cute.

Do you have a favorite design website or other Etsy seller you love or get inspiration from?
I love the products from MariaPalito. Her customer service is amazing and she creates all my tags. I also love Nicole’s Homemade Treats from the Etsy store Nekid.

Anything you would like to add?
Creating Kalos Candy has been an amazing learning experience for me, I pride myself in customer service and quality of work.  I am now in two boutiques in the USA and hope to be in many more as the word about my company gets out there.

Click here to visit the Kalos Candy store!


We talk with the designer about the inspiration behind her candy-themed baby shower gifts.

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