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By NewParent.com’s Kerri Geringswald

You grew up watching them or caught them in reruns: Moms who managed to take care of everyone and everything in their own quirky or stylish ways. Here’s a look at the most iconic T.V. moms over the years and their best on-screen moments.

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Claire Huxtable
The Cosby Show
Claire was not only a successful attorney, but ran a household of five children with compassion, class, and authority. Plus, we love how cute and snuggly she was with Bill Cosby!

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Lorelai Gilmore
Gilmore Girls

Lorelai became pregnant as a teen, raising her daughter Rory as a single mom. Her unwavering ability to mesh being her daughter’s best friend and resourceful mom resulted in one delightful coffee-loving, fast-talking, quick-witted package.

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June Cleaver
Leave It to Beaver

June Cleaver was a mother icon back in the day. While she didn’t seem to be anywhere BUT in the kitchen, we’ve always admired her dedication to her family, and the fact that she always managed to look flawless!
Click here to see the video


NEXT: Elyse Keaton

Elyse Keaton
Family Ties
1982 to 1989.
Elyse was the lovable, liberal baby boomer who worked as an architect and managed to take care of the household with four children. We love her because she let her kids be who they were EVEN when their political views differed from hers.


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Norma Arnold
The Wonder Years
1988 through 1993

We love how Norma went from housewife to college graduate to working mom, showing the evolution of a woman during the 60’s. Despite her changing role, she managed to stay just as supportive of her family as always.



NEXT: Angela Bower

Angela Bower
Who’s the Boss?

Angela played the classic 80’s working mom, complete with big hair and glasses. However, she might have been the only one to hire a hot male live-in nanny (which makes us love her even more).


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Roseanne Conner

Roseanne stands out from previous television moms for being a loud mouth, wise-cracking, working-class mom who faced hard times and battles with her weight while remaining strong for her family. We love her because she said the things most people would only dream of saying.

roseanne & Jackie in Therapy @ Yahoo! Video

NEXT: Carol Brady

Carol Brady
The Brady Bunch
Who makes a blended family work more than Carol Brady? The iconic 70’s mom managed to give sound advice to 6 kids, decorate a house with tons of shag, AND sing in the choir!

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Marion Cunningham
Happy Days
1974 to 1984

Marion mothered not only her own children, but took care of “The Fonz” (and was the only one who called him by his real name, Author.)  We love her because not only was she always there for her kids, but she had a subtle sense of humor that made us chuckle.


NEXT: Lois

Malcolm in the Middle

Lois was a tough, loud, unyielding mother of a brood of wild boys who wasn’t afraid to use threats to gain control of them. We love her because we all have a little Lois in us.



Our favorite moms from our favorite shows throughout the years.

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