Jennifer Aniston About to Announce Her Pregnancy?

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Yes, we know rumors about Jennifer Aniston being pregnant have been flying around for 5 years now. But this time, we think we believe it!

A recent Blind Item on about a celebrity about to announce her pregnancy sounds suspiciously like our favorite tabloid Friend, Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston, who appears to be settling down with actor Justin Theroux, was also recently spotted toasting with water at a New York eatery.

Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, ex-husband Brad Pitt is really putting his foot in his mouth after an interview with Parade magazine. In it, the actor is quoted as saying that his marriage to Aniston might have had something to do with him feeling lazy and “pathetic” during that time of his life. We love Brad Pitt, so we’ll pretend he didn’t mean to say any of that stuff.

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