By: Nicole Pelletiere

Moms, what would you do with an extra 30 minutes?  How about an extra $10.95 that you’d save by NOT going to the dry cleaners?

Thank goodness for the upcoming launch of Laundrea—a women’s career to everyday-wear dress line consisting of 13 bra-friendly, machine washable knits (yes, we said it, machine washable), and woven fabrications.  The dresses are designed for the woman on-the-go. As us women come in many different shapes, sizes and ages, so does Laundrea, whose sizes range from 0 to 16.

Let’s face it—being a mom feels like there’s never enough time in the day.  Any way that we can make our worlds easier and less overwhelming is truly a wonder.  Just imagine the possibilities if you had less laundry and fewer trips to the dry cleaners!

“Laundry is something that has always been given a negative connotation” says Rachel Godwin Becker, Designer of Laundrea and Owner of its parent company: Godwin Apparel.

“Working moms can now keep that great style, without the added time and extra price tag from trips to the dry cleaners.”

Keeping that great style is right! New Parent was honored to have visited the Laundrea collection in person.  Each look is clean, classic, and sophisticated—timeless pieces that are easily accessorized and sure to never go out-of-style.

Made in the USA, these comfortable and easy-to-move-in fabrics are perfect for our career moms who must balance school drop-offs, and hailing taxi cabs.  New Parent loves the idea of taking these looks from day to night—from dinner with the hubby to happy hour meetings with co-workers, we reckon that also saves us from purchasing additional garments!

As Rachel explains, 30 minutes and $10.95 per dress is on average the time and money it takes to get to your dry cleaners, drop off your garment, and pick it up again.

“If you do the math, you are dropping off dry cleaning twice a month. Let’s say 5 dresses—that is an hour and $55.00 that you will NOT be spending anymore” she says.

Between the promises of saving time, money, and looking fabulously chic, who can seriously sit tight and wait for the launch of Laundrea?  It will be tough, but it’s worth the wait Mamas!

Coming in Spring/Summer 2013 to a store near you.


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