By: Nicole Pelletiere

If you are a parent, then chances are life can be hectic at times.  Between your career, school drop-offs, pick-ups, cooking and cleaning, who can even imagine finding time for their spouse?  Still, spending quality time with your husband will not only improve your marriage, it will make you and your family closer than ever.  If you are juggling the multiple responsibilities that we’ve mentioned, you may be feeling as if this is going to be a challenge.   Rest assured that New Parent has some clever suggestions for the two of you:

Wake up together

If one or both of you are working full-time jobs then it is safe to say that the morning and the night are all you have with each other before work and sleep.  Try your best to rise and shine before the children—this way you can share a cup of coffee together or even breakfast.

Chat while he irons his shirt and you put on your face.  Sounds monotonous, but hey, it is still quality time.  If you just missed each other, a phone call or e-mail to wish him well in the morning is also a kind, romantic gesture.

Complete household duties together

Maintaining a household is a huge responsibility; try taking on that responsibility together.  Do laundry while catching up with conversation.  Or create another opportunity to talk while cleaning up after dinner.  Chores will be completed as a team and all the while, you are spending quality time together.

Make plans for a date night

It is important to do something special together once in a while.  Try to make a ‘date night’ for you and your hubby—even if it’s only once a month.  It gives both of you something to look forward to other than work, the kids, and (on top of it all) finding time for each other.  When you have date night planned and marked on the calendar then the time finds you.

Read our 5 Simple Date Night Ideas and tips for Finding the Perfect Babysitter to ensure that ‘date night’ will be on again.

Remember, moments are what make your relationship special however; it is the effort you put into it that will most certainly be appreciated.  Good luck and always keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way!

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