I don’t know about you, but when I’m at the airport, I am looking less than camera-ready. Then again, I don’t have a trail of paparazzi following me. Maybe if I did I would remember to put on some lipstick! Despite Angelina Jolie’s extremely large (and possibly growing) family, she still manages to look completely pulled together. Yes, it helps to be filthy rich, but it doesn’t necessarily take a movie star salary to look like one. Angelina Jolie knows that something as simple as a trench coat can have you looking like a million bucks. After the jump, some key pieces that can have you looking like you just stepped off your private jet, for Jet Blue prices. Go to the next page for Angelina Jolie style tips… {pagebreak}Merona Long Trench Coat $49.99 Angelina Jolie is a fan of trench coats. From black and grey to tan and beige, the star is usually spotted wearing at least one per season. While hers typically cost upwards of $600, it’s not hard to find one that looks just as great for a lot cheaper (such as this one from Target) Buy it here NEXT: Ballet Flats {pagebreak}Sam Edelman ‘Felicia’ Flat $89.95 While Angelina Jolie typically favors Lanvin flats (which run around $500), black flats are such a staple that lots of great designers offer versions for way less. Sam Edelman is a great shoe brand with great prices. Buy it here NEXT: Sunglasses {pagebreak}Aviator Sunglasses $14.95 If you’re going to spend your money on any wardrobe item, DON’T spend it on sunglasses. Not only are they the one piece of your wardrobe that you’re prone to lose, but there are so many great knockoffs out there that you’d be silly to invest more than $25 in a pair. Buy it here

Key pieces that can have you looking like you just stepped off your private jet, for Jet Blue prices.

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