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As a mom, I find online yoga efficient, easy to access, and convenient since schedules around this busy household change with the seasons. With yoga studios closed in much of the country these days, online practice has, in many cases, become the only choice. Recently, I tried Yoga International and truth be told, I can’t get enough of it.

Yoga International offers a staggering number of classes and styles to choose from including prenatal, postpartum, and mom and baby classes. They also offer more traditional styles and some that may be new to you (they were to me!) such as Rocket Yoga.

When you sign up, you choose the levels of classes you would like to see, and set your goals.

Then, when you log in to practice, my favorite thing happens: Yoga International suggests I begin with a breath. Three minute breathing exercises offered up right when I arrive makes me a lot more likely to actually do them! After that, I get to choose what I want to do in this moment–move, relax, meditate, or breathe.

When I choose “move,” for example, I am asked more specific questions about how I would like to move, and then presented with a page of possible classes that fit my desire, varying in area of emphasis and length of time. Whether I have 20 minutes or an hour, I have always found a class if not a few, of interest.

 Yoga International also offers articles, such as this fantastic one called “The Yoga of Motherhood,” recipes, and podcasts, challenge programs that extend from a few days to a few weeks, advanced courses, and guided meditations.

I began with their 14-day free trial, but Yoga International has quickly become an invaluable resource in my daily life. 

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