Rachel Uchitel Announces She’s Pregnant

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Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Wood’ ex-mistress, has announced that she and new husband Matt Hahn are expecting their first baby. Rachel Uchitel showed off her new pregnancy with a photo posted to Twitpic. “Expecting big things for 2012…Five down, four months to go,” Uchitel tweeted. In 2009, Rachel Uchitel, 36, was the first woman to come forward as Tiger Woods’ mistress. It was purported that she had received $10 million from Tiger Woods as hush money, but had to later return a large amount of it after appearing on shows such as Celebrity Rehab . Rachel Uchitel went on the Dr. Drew show for a “love addiction.” Rachel Uchitel and husband Matt Hahn we’re married in October in Las Vegas. An insider told Life & Style at the time that Uchitel was pregnant and the pair planned to have a bigger wedding after the baby arrives. Rumor has it that a pregnant Rachel Uchitel already has a baby registry, which includes a Bugaboo stroller and indicates that the couple is expecting a baby girl. Congrats to the couple!

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