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By: Nicole Pelletiere

The day has come.  It is the last and final day of your maternity leave which means it’s time to prepare to go back to the office.  It won’t be the easiest transition—you’ve been at home for weeks and the thought of leaving your little one can be simply unbearable.

Co-founder of and Mommy of two boys, Bradi Nathan, explains why new parents struggle with going back to work and leaving their kids.  “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Years your will never get back and for some, the idea of someone raising your children is unimaginable”.

Mothers may feel come initial guilt or fear of leaving their child upon returning to work.  It is important to try and not feel guilty, as it’s perfectly alright to be excited about continuing your career.

After all, there are positive reasons to return to work; for one, you are providing for your family and as Bradi suggests, “Work offers a sense of self, independence and the opportunity to continue intelligent conversation”.

Upon feeling guilty, parents may also have a lack of trust that someone may not be able to parent your child as they would like.  Childcare is important, but great childcare is essential when you are leaving your baby with someone else.  Shop around for the perfect babysitter or facility that meets all of your needs and expectations ie: a clean, trusting, and stimulating learning environment.

Preparing to find necessary childcare is an important task to complete prior to your return to work.  Set up interviews, consult your Mommy friends, and do not rule out

Whether you are choosing a center or an individual to care for your little one, be sure to have a backup plan as well.  There is a chance that your babysitter can get sick, or even your baby—in which case, he or she will have to be picked up from daycare.  Have you and your spouse both discuss the possibility of these scenarios with your employers.  This way if something should come up, you are both prepared to handle the situation.  Lastly, try to develop some trust into the people that are caring for your child.  If you don’t, then you will not have a very enjoyable work experience.

As previously mentioned, returning to work after maternity leave will not be an easy transition, but it will be an exciting one.  Just remember to be prepared and strong for your family.  After all, it takes a fabulous mom to do what you’re doing!

“PLEASE try to get rid of any guilt.  A happy mom is a happy house”—Bradi Nathan.


Bradi Nathan is a mother to Jack and Drew, ages, 10 and 7. It may not surprise you to learn that Bradi strives to achieve her own work-life balance as the owner of a mommy and me company called For You Two.  She is the co-founder of My Work Butterfly. is dedicated to providing advice, support and solutions for mothers who are contemplating a comeback career, while guiding those working moms who are trying to juggle it all.

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