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Exfoliation is the key to soft, beautiful, glowing skin. Skip it, and you’ll be left with dull and patchy skin (two words we never want to see go together when it comes to our appearance!).

If you’re a fan of beauty stores (you can’t get US out of them), you’ll notice scrubs can come with a hefty price-tag. That’s why Angelina Umansky, owner of Spa Radiance in San Francisco, created this all-natural salt scrub to use on her clients.

The scrub, which Angelina says should be used once a week, contains salt and buttermilk (the lactic acid exfoliates), and cooling cucumber. The results are fantastic, and the price tag is under $5! You can’t beat that.


1 medium cucumber, peeled and grated (use a cheese grater)
1 cup buttermilk
1⁄2 cup sea salt or kosher salt


-In a small bowl, mix the cucumber and buttermilk.

-Add the salt and blend into a thick paste.

-Relax in a warm shower for 5 minutes, allowing the heat to open your pores.

-Apply the scrub, paying special attention to dry areas like elbows and knees, then rinse. (Use this scrub before shaving, because the salt can irritate freshly shaved skin.)

Get glowing for spring with this all-natural & inexpensive scrub.

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