Who has time for self care when you’ve just had a new baby? The process of pregnancy and childbirth can wreak havoc on the hips and backs, and even the arms and legs of the mom bearing the workload of creating life, sustaining it, and then chasing it around! For many new parents, time to work out, stretch out, or get a massage becomes increasingly limited after baby arrives. Many moms don’t have time to slow down and take a shower, much less practice self care.

Nonetheless, if we don’t take care of ourselves, our bodies may force a slow down sooner or later when some part of us begins to fall apart. Backs go out. Hips lock down. Sciatica takes over. Frozen shoulder produces constant pain. There is a solution for this rock-and-hard-place situation: the Starwrap.

The Starwrap is a wearable massage tool that will loosen your tight muscles, releasing knots and easing tension on your joints as you go through your day. It was originally designed for top-notch college athletes who could not make their recovery times match their training times, and therefore needed something they could do while in transit to competitions or while studying in lieu of deep-tissue massage.

Translate that to Mom-world and we see a similar situation, albeit without the medals (no less deserved, however). Moms are always on the go, even if it’s just around the house. Holding, nursing, rocking, feeding, cleaning; the demands of a new baby are endless. Strap it on to tight legs and arms, and these same activities now create a massage as Mom goes about her day.

Here is how it works: muscles adapt to the direct pressure created by the Starwrap “activators” or rubber pressure points. While Mom moves about, the activators hold in place, creating the same effect as a massage stroke that helps the muscles let go of their tension. The activators come in different shapes allowing different levels of intensity, and you decide how much to tighten the strap, thus determining how much pressure is right for you. Usually, wearing it in one place for 10-20 minutes suffices. Once tension begins to release, most people start noticing other tense areas. Just slide the wrap to a new spot, and keep going!

With Starwrap, the strains of holding a baby on one side while doing everything else with the other hand will lessen. Starwrap comes with a ¼ size foam roller enabling you to lean or lay against the activators. In this way, you can enjoy specific, direct pressure into a tight low back while nursing a baby through the night. The activators can strap on or stack to treat tight hips and IT bands while moving or while sitting, or even while driving babies to well-child appointments. You can even get a foot massage while breastfeeding. Taking good care of our bodies enables us to take good care of our children. Starwrap is a key to preventing and recovering from chronic muscle pain.

Unquestionably, we need to take time for self-care, and if you have a chance to get a massage, by all means, do it! Most likely though, you can’t get a massage every time you feel the tension in your muscles building. But you can wear a Starwrap!

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