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Whether you’re expecting, just had a baby, or are in the throes of toddler hood, you can always learn a little bit more about being a parent from getting another smart perspective. And in these insightful new parenting books, that’s exactly what you’ll find!

  1. Water your Body, Water the World is for health conscious parents to take the time to read to their child and introduce water to them in a fun, colorful and educational way. Children do not like to drink water unless it’s a bathtub filled with bubbles or sweet juices mixed with their water there’s no in between. This book is meant for children 0-12 years old because it is never too early to read and teach children about water. Water is life!!
  2. The 3rd edition of Eating for Pregnancy: Your Essential Month-by-Month Nutrition Guide and Cookbook released in July 2019 was written by specialists in perinatal nutrition, OB/GYN, and high-risk pregnancies. It is the ultimate nutrition guide and cookbook for moms-to-be. A unique, revolutionary month-by-month approach that makes meal planning, shopping, cooking, and eating a tasty and nutritious experience for mom and the whole family. Additionally, EATING FOR PREGNANCY is the only pregnancy nutrition-cookbook with substantive advice and recipes for women with diabetes.
  3. Born out of the desire to help parents, grandparents and teachers facilitate tough conversations about COVID-19 and other pressing issues that kids may not know how to put into words themselves, Dr. Jen Welter, the first female coach of the NFL, and Brooke Foley, award-winning Creative Director and Founder of Jayne Agency, created the Critter Fitter book series. Critter Fitter is designed to provide simple solutions for families across physical, emotional and social wellness, and ultimately empower young children with a comprehensive platform to express their feelings about difficult issues in a positive way. The series gives children a voice within complex topics like isolation, social distancing, and understanding how to protect yourself from COVID-19 by explaining the CDC guidelines in a kid-friendly manner.
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