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From the featured blog, One+One=4

Before Ryder was born, RJ and I knew we would be tired, but we had no idea what that actually meant.  Within just a few hours of bringing him home from the hospital, we begin to understand…babies can be downright draining and are not always sweet and cuddly joys.  I barely remember the first week or so.  Between pain meds, sleepless nights, and a baby who wanted only to sleep on mommy…I was beat.

It wasn’t unusual to find one of us asleep in very odd places.  Think, dining room table or while throwing in a load of wash.  I once found my RJ curled up on Ryder’s bedroom floor.  He was, evidently, too sleepy to walk to our bedroom after putting the baby to bed.  I’ve passed out while nursing Ryder so many times that I had to start seeing a chiropractor!  I would literally rock him for hours, with my poor head hanging down unnaturally.  Ouch!

Welcome to your new life!  You’ll only lose more sleep from here.

Being pregnant while chasing an 8 month old all day is very reminiscent of the newborn days.  Actually, it’s probably worse!  I’m so tired that I could sleep for about twelve hours AFTER getting a full night of sleep.  I have to force myself out of bed to go to the gym, when I used to jump up and get excited for a great work out and some “mommy time.”  Some days I just call and cancel, because I’m pretty sure you couldn’t pry me out of bed with a crowbar if you tried.  I’m barely halfway through my first trimester, and I’m dead to the world.  This might be a long pregnancy!

My cousin is already waist-deep in the two under two waters, and some days she looks like mommy zombie back from the dead.  Still beautiful, but entirely too overworked!  I asked her how she handled pregnancy with Chase running around, and she just laughed.  Her best advice was to nap with Ryder or at least try to nap while he’s napping.  Otherwise, she said, I won’t be able to function by the end of the day.  This was the daily routine from about 20 weeks on, in her household.  Well, if that’s how she felt at 20 weeks then I’m in for a real treat.  I’m like a robot by 3:30 if I don’t get a chance to sleep during the day.

Just yesterday I fell asleep while playing with Ryder and didn’t even wake up when he started punching me in the face.  Yeah, you have to be really tired to totally miss a baby punching your nose and pulling your hair for twenty minutes.  Good thing my son is such a good-natured little dude, or he might have been upset that I was ignoring him.  Oh, and he apparently thought it was hilarious that mommy couldn’t stay awake.  I’m glad I can still provide comedy in my home.

“I’m so tired that I could sleep for about twelve hours AFTER getting a full night of sleep.”

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