Losing 100 lbs is no easy feat. Jenny Hutt, host of the popular Sirius XM talk show “Just Jenny,” did just that and still has to work hard every day to maintain it; however, it isn’t always easy between a full time job, marriage and two teenage children.

Here are some sample tips from Jenny on how to integrate working out into a busy schedule:


  • Work while working out: Brings your laptop with her on the treadmill so you can get work done while working out.
  • Use your house as your gym: Go up and down your stairs 6 times – it won’t take long and you don’t have to leave your house, but you’ll feel the burn!
  • Park far away at the grocery store: Burn extra calories by parking far away. If you live in NYC, walk instead of taking cabs or the subway
  • Dance! – Dancing burns calories, is fun and enhances your mood
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