9 Indoor Toddler Activities for Rainy Days

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It’s raining, it’s pouring, and being cooped inside is boring—especially when you’ve got an antsy toddler or two on your hands.

Check out these 9 indoor toddler activities to keep your little one busy until Mr. Sun comes out again.

Fort-building fun

Building indoor tents never gets old. Throw an old sheet over two chairs or a table. Toss in some pillows and books to create a reading nook, or some instruments for a DIY music room.

Outdoor mud painting

OK, this one isn’t indoors, but it still makes fun of a rainy day! Give your toddler buckets, shovels, and paint brushes or sponges and let him go to town. Or, try some watercolor paints using rain water to make creations with your child.

Drive-in movie

Turn your living room into an old-fashioned drive-in with these adorable pretend cars from Stacey at notjustahousewife.net. Let your tot build his own, then pop in his favorite flick. Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn!

Playing house

If your tot offers loves to help with chores, then this pretend play activity will keep her entertained for hours. Set up a washing/drying station for socks, doll clothes, and toys as Deborah from LearnWithPlayAtHome.com did for her toddler.

Melted crayon craft

Hot glue crayons to a large canvas and take a hair dryer to them. For added fun, insert your child’s name with masking tape underneath the crayons then peel it off after the colors drip on top.

Shape scavenger hunt

For a game that’s as easy as it is fun, just print or draw some shapes on paper so your child knows which ones to look for. Have your tot search for them around the house and mark off the ones she found.

Make-your-own pizza party

Your tot will love making (and eating) his own pizza pie. Start by laying out a buffet of ingredients (sauce, cheese, pepperoni—whatever he likes!). Then let him go to town by squishing his own dough and even making funny pizza faces.

Rainbow xylophone

You child will love the music that she’ll make with these colorful water-filled glasses. If you don’t have a mallet for tapping the glasses, use a plastic kitchen utensil.

Marshmallow sculptures

Have your little guy put his sculpting skills to the test. Hand him some marshmallows and toothpicks to create people, shapes and pyramids. Just remember to supervise, since toothpicks can be sharp!

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