By Kerri Geringswald

This great project, courtesy of, will have you and your mini-me creating the coolest shirts on the block. Watch out Project Runway contestants!

Ages: 2 and up with adult supervision

What You’ll Need:

Black dimensional fabric paint
Coloring-book style line art drawing
Cotton blend T-shirt
Crayola Washable crayons

What to Do:

1. Get a plain white t-shirt (HGTV tip: 50/50 blend)
2. Let your child pick a design from the coloring book *remember to use style line art drawing.
3. Grab a pencil! (Parents, you can do this part and, perhaps, let the designer-in-training help) and lightly outline the design on the front of the T-shirt.
3. Using the black fabric paint, paint over pencil lines and let dry.
4. When the black paint is completely dry, turn shirt inside out and iron.
5. Once the T-shirt is completely cool, hand your artist washable crayons and let them go color crazy!

HGTV helpful tip:
When the shirt is ready to wash, launder using regular detergent and hot water. Launder it separately and avoid using bleach. The crayon marks and colors will come off and kids can start all over again.

Watch out Project Runway ! This project will spark your tot’s innner designer.

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