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Besides having a toddler who will happily gobble up any healthy food you give them, your biggest meal time need probably has something to do with fewer juice spills, cracker crumbs, and sauce smears. And now, you can consider it granted, thanks to these brilliant toddler feeding gear picks!

Toddler Feeding Gear

Divide and conquer

The OXO Tot Divided Plate makes it simple to divvy up perfect portions of veggies, grains and proteins for a balanced meal. This plate is also great for early self-feeders because it’s specially designed to help them scoop food onto their forks and spoons. And dipping food is even more fun thanks to a center spot for sauces.

Sit tight

With a little help from the Mutsy Grow-Up Booster, your toddler can join the rest of the family at the dinner table. This easy-to-clean, cushy seat will secure your little one comfortably in an adult-size chair, whether you’re dining at home or out. Pick from a rainbow of colors from bright lime and mandarin to subtle blueberry and nut.

Perpetual baggage

Stop buying disposable plastic sandwich bags once and for all to save the planet and your pocketbook. Instead, start reusing Lunchskins Sandwich & Snack Bags. Made from thick cotton fabric that’s grease- and moisture-proof, they close securely with Velcro. Available in three sizes, they’re perfect for packing healthy meals and snacks. Simply toss them in the dishwasher after use.

Clever container

Take finger-food favorites along in the Boon Bundle Feeding Starter Pack. Toddlers will love rotating the lid open and closed to help themselves, and you’ll love that it’s brilliantly designed to fit in your car or stroller cup holder

Seal the deal

The Munchkin Gentle Transition Sippy Cup includes a lid to cover the spout when you are out and about as well as an ultra flexible spout which moves with the baby.

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