Each year, a staggering six to 12 million children, between the ages of three and 12, are affected by head lice, which leads to discomfort, costly treatment and 12-24 million days missed from school. Because most cases occur during the first couple of months of the school year, Circle of Friends introduces the Lice Defense System in an ongoing effort to help parents and children keep schools and communities a lice-free zone.

Formulated with Tea Tree, Andiroba and Lavender oils, which are proven to repel lice safely and naturally, the Lice Defense hair products focus on preventing lice before they come home. With a soothing, lavender fragrance, the Lice Defense System (MSRP starting at $13) is safe for boys and girls of all ages and even offers gender-neutral packaging.

Circle of Friends’ Lice Defense System Includes:

· Shampoo & Conditioner- Lemon Peel Oil acts as a natural cleanser, while Vitamin B-5 and Glycerin hydrate the hair leaving it soft, manageable and free of tangles. While the duo can be used several times a week when an outbreak has occurred in the community or classroom, the shampoo and conditioner are also gentle enough for everyday use.

· Hair Spray & Styling Gel- Lice Defense styling products helps shield the hair shaft, making it difficult for lice to attach their nits (eggs) to the hair. Mighty tools for the battle against lice, the Lice Defense styling products are also gentle enough for everyday use.

· Lice Defense Eliminator Kit- In case a child comes homes with lice, the Lice Defense Eliminator Kit is a gentle, yet effective method of treatment. By using the included metal comb with Combing Cream, parents can remove lice and nits without causing discomfort to the child. The kit also includes the shampoo to protect heads after lice has been removed.

The entire Lice Defense system can be purchased online at www.cofbath.com, DrugStore.com and Amazon, salons such as SuperCuts, Cool Cuts 4 Kids, MasterCuts, and Sweet & Sassy and retailers such as Ulta and Beauty Brands.

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