Kid-Tough digital camera by Fisher PriceKid-Tough digital camera by Fisher Price

Ages: 2–4 years
Time: 15 minutes shooting (1 hour–2 days for photo processing); 1 hour assembly

Help your tot make a treasured flip book of family faces—a takealong source of comfort for occasions when you have to leave her with a sitter. New sturdy, dropproof digital cameras made just for toddlers allow your child to be the photographer.

What you’ll need

* camera (new digital toddlerfriendly varieties are best if your tot is taking the photos)
* heavy card stock/cardboard
* glue stick
* clear contact paper or photo-size laminating pouches (from an offi ce-supply store)
* hole punch
* ribbon

What to do

1. Have your tot take photos of each family member, including pets and even favorite toys, from her own perspective.

2. Get or make prints of the best shot of each subject.

3. Crop and cut each photo, and cut card stock/cardboard into uniform-size cards. Paste photographs onto cards. Decorate as desired.

4. Laminate each card, or cover with clear contact paper.

5. Punch a hole in one corner. Tie book together with a ribbon and flip from picture to picture with your toddler.

To compare the various digital cameras for kids out there, check out the reviews here.

Turn your tot into a shutterbug with this easy-to-follow project.

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