Summer Toddler Activities

It’s official: Summer’s here, and that means saying bye-bye to cabin fever and hello to fresh air and some serious fun in the sun. Here’s some of our favorite summer toddler activities that’ll keep your little one (and you) laughing and playing all day long.

Giant Squishy Sensory Bag

No pool? No problem! One of the coolest summer toddler activities that involves water play is this DIY giant squishy water bag. Duct tape some plastic sheeting together to form a big bag, fill it with water, then let your tot crawl, roll, jump around. Even better, add a few drops of food coloring to make the water a fun color.

Bubble Pool Treasure Hunt

Skip the sandbox and use your kiddie pool to turn an average pirate treasure hunt into an extra awesome toddler summer activity. After filling the pool with water, stir in enough bubbles so your toddler can’t see the bottom, like did. Throw in some toys, let them sink to the bottom, and have your tot start searching!

Mud Pie Puddle

Since she can wear a swimsuit (or go au natural), there’s no better time than summer to indulge your toddler’s innate desire to get messy. With a pile of dirt and tools like plates, cups, and spoons, she can make the best mud pie ever. Yes, it might seem a little gross, but the goal is relax and just let her play, says Patty Goffinet author of Go Outside and Play: Why Kids Don’t and Why They Should.

Water Balloon Pinatas

Hang water balloons from a clothesline, tree branches, or a string tied between two heavy-duty lawn chairs. Then let your little one go to town with a plastic baseball bat or empty paper towel roll, popping the balloons and cooling off.

Chill out and have fun!

By Nicole Pelletiere