10 Awesome Stocking Stuffers

From Our Friends at ParentsAsk.com

Most people scramble for stocking stuffers at the last minute and the often uninspired little gifts of the season sit alongside the equally uninspired (or simply useless) party favors our kids collect at birthday parties throughout the year. 

But why not make your stocking stuffers count this year?  Take a look at our list of 10 gifts from our friends, Bonnie and Jill Spoon of Spoonsisters.com that we think are worthy of making it into the stockings of everyone on your list (even the family dog):   *Also, the spoonsisters are offering a 15% discount to all Parents Ask users—simply use the code: paraskspoon

1.  Make Your Own Flip Book. 

This is the cutest little book for the crafty kid.  The kit contains everything you need to create flipbooks of a Rocket Ship blasting through space and a Robot that pops up and rides a skateboard! Also included are two blank frames to draw flipbooks of your own creation.   (buy this asap…they keep selling out!)