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KeaBabies' Baby Wrap Carrier Review

Babywearing enhances the bond between newborns and their parents, promotes healthy growth, and encourages better sleep. But with the plethora of baby carriers available on the market, it is a challenge to find the perfect product for your needs.

The KeaBabies wrap carrier offers two carriers in one and can be used for a host of other functions to improve your baby’s comfort and support you as a parent. Here is our review of the KeaBabies wrap carrier, which we think is the best sling carrier and baby wrap on the market today.

The KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

KeaBabies has achieved something that no other babywearing brand has done; they created a multipurpose baby sling wrap that is affordable, stylish, and long-lasting.

KeaBabies unique blend of cotton/spandex offers the perfect amount of stretch and support. Overly stretchy wraps can put additional strain on your neck and shoulders, while rigid wraps are uncomfortable to wear and do not contour to your body or support your baby in the correct position, potentially leading to hip development problems.

This one-size-fits-all wrap functions as a conventional wrap, swaddling cloth, nursing cover, and postpartum belt to support your recovery and your baby’s growth.


Support and positioning are crucial for an effective baby wrap. The KeaBabies wrap creates the ideal womb-like conditions for newborns and can support up to 35 lbs., making them suitable for use well into the toddler years. When wrapped correctly, the front pocket keeps your infant’s hips and knees at the ideal “M” position recommended by pediatric professionals. Having your infant’s knees positioned slightly higher than the hip socket prevents hip dysplasia and other postural issues.

The two-way stretch cotton/spandex blend is resistant to abrasion and tears, affecting the product’s structural integrity.

KeaBabies' Baby Wrap Carrier Review

The range of KeaBabies wrap carriers includes the standard wrap and the ring sling.  The ring sling wrap comes with two detachable steel rings, so you can easily switch between a wrap carrier and a ring sling whenever you like. Use the wrap style for newborn naps comforted by your heartbeat. Or slip your older baby in the ring  sling while you complete errands and household chores.

Ease Of Use

Conventional baby carriers are notoriously tricky to wear, with straps, clips, and ties needed to harness your baby. Often, placing your baby in the carrier is a two-person job. With the KeaBabies wrap and ring sling, newborn to 3-year-old children can be carried safely in several positions to suit your needs and comfort level.

Unlike many other baby wraps on the market, such as the solly baby wrap or boba wrap, the KeaBabies stretchy wrap is simple to wear and fits every body type.

Many babywearing brands do not cater to plus-sized parents, but with their specialized fabric blend and simple tying technique, this wrap suits bodies of all shapes and sizes. The KeaBabies site has several tutorials on how to tie and wear your wrap, including alternative tying methods for plus-sized parents.

Another issue that often occurs with baby wraps and slings is an excess of fabric at the ends after tying, giving you a bulky silhouette and interfering with everyday tasks. While the KeaBabies wrap only comes in a single size, the fabric’s elasticity ensures there is enough material to perform the ties securely without leaving long tail-ends that need to be tucked and continually rearranged.

Care and Maintenance

The KeaBabies baby sling wrap is easy to care for, a must-have quality for any new parent. Simply throw the wrap in the washing machine with a mild skin-friendly detergent and tumble dry on the lowest setting.

The issue with many baby wraps on the market is reduced performance after washing. The KeaBabies’ wrap carrier is not only conveniently machine-washable, but the soft stretch cotton/spandex fabric loses none of its elasticity and avoids shrinking wash after wash.

The baby wrap carrier comes in an enormous variety of shades and patterns, and each style retains its vibrant colors even after multiple washes.


This baby sling wrap offers the best value for money of any babywearing product on the market. For just a fraction of the cost of other leading brands, you get a 4-in-1 baby wrap that can be used to carry your baby and functions as a swaddle to help your baby drift off, a discreet nursing cover for breastfeeding in public, and a postpartum belt to support your core muscles as they repair.

The piece’s durability ensures it is built to last, which means fewer repairs and replacements, saving you money.

Customer Support

The KeaBabies brand made its mark on the industry for its exceptional slings and wraps, as well as its outstanding customer support service. KeaBabies offer a 30-day return policy on unused wraps, and the KeaCare 365 warranty provides you with peace of mind as to the quality and performance of your wrap for up to a full year after purchase.

The brand also supports continued babywearing education for parents of #keababies through the customers’ network on the KeaCommunity. The group offers support and advice from like-minded parents, and topics extend from babywearing to feeding to sleep routines and more.

The KeaBabies website also offers tutorials, activities, and resources for new parents to ease the parenthood transition.

How to Use the KeaBabies’ Baby Wrap Carrier

Despite the multi-purpose nature of the KeaBabies wrap, the piece is surprisingly easy to use. And the Keababies site has several step-by-step instructional videos for you to follow to learn how to tie the wrap  and thread the carrier.

KeaBabies' Baby Wrap Carrier Review

As with any new item, practice makes perfect. Try this simple tying method 2-3 times using a teddy or doll before trying it with your newborn.

Fold the wrap in half horizontally. Take the folded wrap and place it flat across your stomach with the KeaBabies label in the center. Take the ends of the wrap and cross them over your back, bringing them back over your shoulders to your chest. Gather the two ends of the wrap and tuck them through the front of the wrap.

Cross the two ends, wrap them behind your back, and tie them at your front using a double knot. You can also safely tie the wrap behind your back, depending on how much fabric is leftover.

To place your baby in the wrap, check that the two sides of the opening face each other, hold your baby on your left shoulder, and slip their leg and bottom in the right opening. Support their head and slip their left leg into the left pocket. Pull the front panel that has the KeaBabies label over the baby’s bottom and shoulders.

There are several hold variations you can try as your baby grows from the front hold for babies 3 months old and over to the front-facing hold.

The Takeaway

We believe that the KeaBabies carrier is the best baby wrap carrier available. With its perfect balance of elasticity, user-friendly design, and affordability, the KeaBabies wrap offers a multifunctional product that will soon become a staple whether you are on-the-go with your little one or you want to keep your baby close while at home. Become a #keaparent, and get access to the support and advice of thousands from other babywearing parents across the country.

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