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We asked NewParent.com readers, what do YOU want for Mother’s Day this year and you told us. Be sure to print out this list and leave it out for your husband and children to see… -This year, for my First Mother’s Day… I would LOVE a morning to sleep in (free from “baby duties”)! My husband is great about giving me time to ‘get away’ in the afternoons or evenings, but a MORNING to wake-up and not worry about my daughter being taken care of… that would be FABULOUS! -Meg -I would love breakfast cooked for me in the morning, then spend some time with my husband and little boy, then get the rest of the day to myself, to do whatever I want! -Jamie -I would really like the Pandora bracelet with the baby carriage charm. -Kyndal -I would give my eye teeth to get maid service for mother’s day. I’m pregnant with our second and between the aches and pains of pregnancy and caring for a toddler it is SO hard to clean! -Elisabeth -Best ideas are always ones that the mother would never do for themselves! A pedicure, manicure, or massage. Personally, I’m hoping for a Wii fit!-Kendall -Other than spending time with my son I want some special me time. A facial, reflexology or a massage. Who deserves that more than mom?-Samantha -Mother’s Day has never been very special around here. What I would like is a day to rest. I never get to rest and at 53-years-old, I am tired. My husband and I have a son, a pregnant daughter, a son-in- law, and a grandbaby living here with us. I really love them all so so much, but it is a lot of cooking, cleaning, and food shopping, and I never get a day off. Dinner out, flowers, cake, anything special (a massage, which I have never had) would be lovely. Just a day to do nothing but rest and get a special treat or two. And no dishes or cooking! Just one day! -Carol -There isn’t a gift out there that can say Happy Mother’s Day better, than spending it with your family…My girls are 6 , 2 , and we have a baby one on the way. The perfect gift is looking into your little one’s eyes and knowing that YOU are everything to them.-Cassie -If I had to pick one thing it would be to see the daughter I had to give up for adoption 25 years ago. She finally found me on Myspace last year and we have a new found relationship – I had prayed for so long that she was OK. But I have neither the time (I’m a single mom) nor the funds to go see her. THAT would be my gift and one that would complete me.-Phyllis -A day of QUIET!-Elisa -I would love a past, present, future pendant. My SO never buys me jewelery and after 15 years, I think I deserve something big!-Misti -A weekend at the beach with my husband and son. -Sara -A day at the spa definitely! With a full hour massage. My husband doesn’t usually give me massages & when he does, he is usually too gentle to work out those knots. -Ganesa A plane ticket from Japan to the states to see my mom. I am currently living in Japan with my husband who is out to sea with the US Navy.-Candace -I want to sleep in, while my husband takes the kids to an educational and fun activity and feeds them a nutritious, healthy breakfast. Upon their return they can wake me up with a vanilla latte and a miniature quiche! Ha! A girl can dream!-Raquel -My ideal gift for Mother’s Day? It would begin at roughly 3 a.m., with Hubby actually hearing the Baby cry in her room and then getting up to care for her. Ditto for the 6 a.m. wake-up call. Awake a few hours later to find an empty house. Hubby has loaded the stroller and taken Baby and dogs for a long walk. Put on a clean outfit and take the car for an oil change without double-checking if there are extra pacifiers in the diaper bag. Maybe stop at a bookstore, purposely not parking next to a cart corral as there is no need to load the car seat onto the shopping cart. Leisurely lunch alone is next, taking time to marvel at my outfit, which is still free of spit-up. Time to head home. Double-check that I entered correct home since there is not a single bib, board book or baby sock scattered on the floor. Receive invitation from hubby to check email and surf the web while he feeds Baby. Receive a big, gummy grin from Baby—you know what? That would be the best present of all.-Jaci WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR MOTHER’S DAY? TELL US IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW!

We asked and you told us. Men (and children), pay attention please!

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