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Why make your own baby food when there are so many good commercial brands available? Homemade baby food produces less waste (by the time a baby is 12 months old, he’s emptied 600 jars of baby food on average), costs less, contains no chemicals or additives and is fresher. Besides, it’s simple!

Here’s how to make your own baby food.

Step one:

Steam any peeled fruit or vegetable until it’s soft enough to be mashed with a fork (it will take 6-10 minutes). Babies over 4 months can enjoy any fruit or veggie, but save beef, chicken, pork, or fish for around their first birthday, when they can handle slightly thicker foods.

Step two:

Add breast milk or a little water and puree in a blender until smooth. When away from home, carry a manual food mill (available at baby- or household-goods stores) and turn your meals into mushy, baby-friendly ones in seconds.

That’s it!

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