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Watch those drinks, kids!

Another traumatized mother claims her child was served an alcoholic drink at a restaurant – this time at a Chicago-area Chili’s on Sunday.

The incident is the latest in a string of reports in which children have accidentally being served booze at chain restaurants. Earlier this month, a Florida woman said her 2-year-old was given white wine at an Olive Garden in New York, while a 15-month-old was rushed to the hospital in Detroit after being served a margarita instead of apple juice at an Applebee’s.

This time, Illinois mom Tyree Davis says her four-year-old daughter Brooklynn drank an alcoholic mudslide, thinking she was sipping on a milkshake.

After four sips, Brooklynn told her mom the shake tasted funny and began acting a little strange.

“She was closing her eyes for a minute at a time, and she was telling me that her stomach hurt and her head hurt, and she just wanted to lay down,” Davis told local station WGN.

When Davis took a sip of the drink, she says she knew immediately it contained alcohol. She rushed her daughter to the hospital where the child was diagnosed with alcohol poisoning.

“While we were at the hospital, they said that her chest was tight,” Davis told CBS Chicago. “They called respiratory; they came down and gave her a breathing treatment. Since we’ve been home, she did vomit.”

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