As part of our new series, we’ll talk with our favorite designers from who bring us the fabulously unique mom, baby, and toddler gear we love! Designer: Nelvis Valenzuela of HoneyBunnyStudio

What do they design?
Children’s wall art to decorate a nursery, playroom or learning center. Offers personalized art, as well as printables for party sets.

New Parent: How did you get into design?
My path in design started in a vocational High School called the High School of Fashion Industries in New York City. I later earned my Bachelors in Fine Arts from F.I.T. Today I work in the Intimate apparel/sleepwear industry as a fashion designer and textile graphic designer. Over the years, after work hours, I taught myself how to create graphics and prints using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. These skills came in handy when I decided to launch the HoneyBunny Studio and create my own product.

What motivated you to start your own Etsy store?
I have always been a very motivated and independent person, with a strong entrepreneurial drive. At the early stages of the economic crisis, I was layed off from my job. A few days later I learned that I was expecting my first baby. I knew that it was going to be difficult to get another job in the industry with a “bun” in the oven, therefore I saw this experience as an opportunity to start my studio. The thought of being a mother, and being able to relive the beauty of childhood through my daughter life, overwhelmed me with ideas and excitement. I immediately began to sketch concepts for baby and children’s prints. I thought of nursery art, playroom art, educational art….the list goes on and on.

After creating a few pieces, I decided to open an Etsy account. I am happy to say that my sales have been increasing, along with the growth of my little girl . Today I work in the fashion industry by day and on my studio during the weekends and week nights. Hopefully one day I will be able to dedicate all of my time to my business and my family.

What is your favorite item you are currently selling?
My favorite item in the shop is the set of “3 in 1 Flash Cards”. It is an educational set that includes the Alphabet, the numbers from One to Ten, and 10 colors. It is the piece that took me the most time to create since there are so many illustrations. It is also the most labor intensive piece because all of the cards are hand cut using a guillotine.The cards are perfect for traveling. Parents can practice with their children while sitting in a waiting room, during a bus ride, on a plane, etc. Teachers love this item as well. It is our current best seller. The artwork is also available as a 13×19 prints to frame.

Do you have a favorite design website or other Etsy seller you love or get inspiration from?
I love everything and anything related to childhood. Anything that bring back the memories of the “Good ol’ days”. My absolute favorite Etsy sellers are SarahJane Studios and Trafalgar’s Square. The whimsical, vintage, nostalgia captured by their artwork puts me in a happy mindset.

Anything you would like to add?
I’d like to express gratitude for the opportunity to share my work via I’d also like to thank you for your wonderful support to the Etsy community. Most Etsy sellers are stay-at-home moms who need an outlet. gives us sellers the motivation and encouragement to continue to create beautiful, unique products to share with growing families. Thank you!

Click here to visit the HoneyBunnyStudio store!

We talk with the children’s wall art designer about her favorite nursery items!

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