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I’m not ready to get all Sneaky Chef on my son, but I do now understand why a parent or caregiver would resort to such tactics. You know, “let’s put some blueberry or spinach puree in … Little Junior will never know, and it’ll be just so much better for him.” Before I was a parent, I cautiously blogged that I thought the Sneaky Chef’s tactics were gross. Thankfully, I acknowledged that it’s easy to criticize when one is not a parent.

It’s not going to happen …

At home, my son appears to only want to eat anything that is a carb/bread, almond butter, refried beans (no tortillas, how odd), apple sauce, yogurt, and fruit or vegetable purees. He ate a chicken drumstick at a social gathering in a move that seemed more like showing off than anything else. Maybe we overreacted on that one, since he’s rarely reached for chicken ever since. Such a limited menu makes me nervous and embarrassed; I work in the food industry and feel my son’s palate should be more evolved by now. I guess I dream of the day when he will eat the same things my husband and I do. We know that we may have to offer him, say, steamed carrots, at least 16 1/2 times before he may partake. Yes, I’m proud that he’s tried duck fat already, but no, I don’t think he eats the most balanced meals when he’s at home.

I am glad to know I am not alone in this shame-slash-slight-embarrassment. Other parents I have talked to—either friends or fellow day care parents—admit that their child or children seem to eat healthy … elsewhere. Whenever I look at the menu from the day care, I cringe to myself. How the f—- do they get my son to eat this food? One parent offered a good theory: “Peer pressure. They see the other kids eating it, so they decide to just dig in.” I guess I could drop in to observe the lunch hour myself, but I’d hate to disrupt the schedule—both the school’s and mine. Since the day care staff has told me several times that Cipriano has a healthy appetite and “eats everything,” I guess I feel that is enough evidence.

Beyond the Sneaky Chef, are there any tactics you readers use to get your food to eat good food most of the time?

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“At home, my son appears to only want to eat anything that is a carb/bread, almond butter or refried beans.”

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